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Wireless Qi Pad


Is portable charging, Zero wireless Qi pads provide wireless, hassle-free power for  

Compatible with all Qi enabled smartphones, Zero delivers on-the-go charging for the latest smartphone models. Charging with Zero is easy. With magnetic attachment or a 3M sticker you can securely stick the pad to the back of your phone. Its compact size fits well in the hand or the pocket and allows you to continue to use your phone while charging. Best of all, our basic Qi pads are supported with the Zero Home Dock and Travel Cube to enhance their functionality wherever you need extra power.

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Zero Wireless Qi Pad Charging

Compatible with most Qi-enabled phones.

Convenient Wireless Charging

The wire free Zero Wireless Qi Pad is perfect for work, travel or at home on the couch.


So small that it’ll sit almost unnoticed in any pocket or bag. Its rectangular design fits perfectly on the back of your phone or in your hands.

Efficient USB-C Plug

Faster and more stable power input charging your Wireless Qi Pad with high efficiency.

Easy to Use

Just attach the Wireless Qi Pad to the back of your phone for charging. Free yourself from messy cables.

Eco System

Get the most out of the Zero Qi Pads by using the Zero Travel Cube for easy carry and charging on the go.


Portable Power Wherever Your Journey Takes YouText

Product Dimensions

95 x 70 x 25 mm / 3.7 x 2.7 x0.9 mm

Wireless Charge

10,000 mAh

Input / Output

5V / 2A - 5V / 2A


192g / 6.7oz

Item Model Number




Product Dimensions

80mm x 60mm x 13.5mm

Boxed-Product Weight


Battery Capacity

3,000 mAH Lithium-ion Polymer Battery


102g / 3.5oz

Item Model Number




Product Dimensions

176mm x 101mm x 22mm

Boxed-Product Weight


High Efficiency Wireless Charging



230g / 8.1oz

Item Model Number




• What is QI (Wireless Charging)?

Wireless charging allows you to charge a device, like your smartphone, without use of a charging cable. For more info, please refer to

• Is my phone compatible?

If your phone is Qi certified, your phone is compatible. Please refer to your phone manufacturer to find out whether your phone is Qi certified/enabled.

• Does the Qi pad have any indicator to show remaining charge?

Yes, it does. Short press the button on the Pad and refer to the LED colors below to find out how much juice it has left.
Green: 100%-80%
Amber: 79%-21%
Red: Less than 20%

• How do wireless charging speeds compare to a traditional wired charger?

Qi charging is slower than wired due to lower Qi power output which is 1 Amp.

• Why it charges slow on my phone?

Qi charging is slower than wired due to lower Qi power output which is 1 Amp.

• How many times can a fully charged Qi pad charges a phone?

It depends on the phone you have. For instance, you can charge an iPhone 12 for 0.7 time with Qi pad.

• How long does it take for it to be fully charged?

Up to 2 hours.

• Would you recommend keeping it in my car as emergency power source?

For your safety, we don’t recommend leaving the Qi pad or Travel Cube in the car just as any battery devices due to extreme heat that will damage the pad/cube when the car is parked under hot weather. It is best to bring along with you.

• What happens if I accidentally drop the Wireless Qi pad in water?

The Qi Pad are not designed to be waterproof. If they dropped in the water, they will be short circuited and damage the product.

• Is the Qi Pad safe to use?

It has passed UL Certification, meaning the product has been tested by UL to nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards. Additionally, it has been found to be free from a reasonably foreseeable risk of fire, electric shock.

• Does it compatible with Lightning cables or just Type-C?

It is compatible with Lightning cable, however, you will need a Lightning to Type-C adapter which is not included.

• Are the Magnetic Pads replaceable or can I order an extra?

Yes, it is replaceable. Additional Magnetic Pad is available for purchase as well.

• Will the Magnetic pad stick to a jelly case?

It will stick to any smooth surface, please make the surface is clean.

• Can I reuse the magnetic pad from one case to another? Will it keep sticking?

It will stick to any smooth surface, please make the surface is clean.

• It doesn’t stick anymore, what can I do to make it sticky again?

The sticky pad gets dirty, it will not stick or becomes less sticky. Follow the steps below to clean the sticky pad.
1. Use a tape (such as scotch tape) to remove dirty/dusk from the sticky pad.
2. Or, clean the pad with clean running water (no soap) and remove the dirt/dusk from the sticky pad. Shake off excess water and let it air dry. DO NOT use any cloth to dry the sticky pad as the lint from the cloth will stick to the pad.

• Will the Qi pad affect my phone if I place it on the front of the phone instead of behind?

The Qi function only works when it is placed on the back of the phone where the Qi coil is located.

• Does the Qi pad charge other devices such non-mobile device?

It can charge almost all the Qi Certified/enabled devices. When using cable to charge, it can charge any devices with 5V2A power input.

• What is the warranty of the product

12-month limited warranty