My Zero Charge

About Us

Zero was born out of the desire to create a cleaner, simpler, and sexier charger that better serves today’s busy lifestyles. Our mission is to deliver charging solutions with zero cables, zero worries, and zero limitations so that you’ll never have to go without power.  

 We first dreamed up the concept for the Zero wireless charger back in 2010. As frequent travelers, we were tired of dealing with all the inconveniences of drained phone batteries and public charging. What we aspired to build was a truly portable charging solution that could keep our users in power from sunrise to sunset, anywhere in the world. 

With the arrival of Qi technology on the scene, the idea behind Zero became a reality. Zero offers a full line up for powering up at home and on-the-go. Between the Zero Qi Pad, Home Dock, and Travel Cube, you’ll always have enough power. It’s time to lose your charging cable and all its accompanying hassles. Let Zero power your day with sleek, portable, and modern power solutions.