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Zero Takes Qi-Certified Wireless Charging for Smartphones to the Next Level of Power

Zero Cables, Zero Hassles, Zero Limitations. An Entire Ecosystem of Qi-Zero Cables, Zero Hassles, Zero Limitations. An Entire Ecosystem of Qi-Certified Solutions to Wirelessly Charge iOS & Android Devices Anywhere, Anytime.
DIAMOND BAR, CA, November 10, 2021 – Zero, a battery charging solutions company, announced today the launch of its Qi-Certified wireless charging products that will take mobile devices from zero to full power! An entire Qi-Certified charging solutions ecosystem brings together the modern wireless Qi pad, travel cube, and a home docking unit. Qi-certified for universal compatibility across the leading smartphone brands – including Apple, Android, and Samsung – Zero delivers on-the-go charging for the latest Qi-certified/enabled smartphone models.

“As smartphone users on the go ourselves, we were tired of dealing with all the inconveniences of drained phone batteries and public charging,” said Jason Lizewski, Zero Vice President of Sales. “We wanted to build a truly portable and fashionable charging solution that could keep our phones powered from sunrise to sunset, anywhere in the world. With the development of Qi technology, our idea became a reality. Our products are patent pending and offer a full lineup for keeping users’ mobile phones at full power on the go without messy power cords. In addition, zero charging solutions allow users to lose their charging cables and all the accompanying hassles.”

Wireless Qi PadPower Where You Need It
The slim Zero Qi-Certified Pad battery magnetically attaches itself to the back of a Qi-enabled phone, providing a hassle-free wireless charging capacity of 3,000 mAh. In Addition, the included magnetic pad allows the Qi Pad battery to attach easily to any Qi-Compatible smartphone over rubber or plastic phone cases up to 4mm thick.

Travel CubeRecharge Anywhere, Anytime
The Zero Qi Pad-charging Travel Cube provides power wherever the user goes. It charges up to two Zero Wireless Qi Pads at the same time. An extra USB C port powers one additional device, such as a phone or tablet. LED lights indicate at a glance the remaining charge level in the Travel Cube. Its slim, compact design fits easily in a backpack or handbag.

Home DockingSleek Design for Your Home
The Zero Home Dock gives users a place to recharge their Wireless Qi pads after a full day’s usage. It charges up to two Wireless Qi Pads simultaneously. In addition, the unit works with rubber or plastic phone cases up to 4mm thick, allowing for charging without removing the case.

About Qi Wireless Charging Technology
Qi wireless charging is a technology standard that defines wireless power transfer using inductive charging over up to 4 cm distances. The Qi wireless charging system uses a charging pad and a compatible device placed on top of the pad, charging via resonant inductive coupling. The Wireless Power Consortium developed it.

All three of the Zero portable charging solutions are now available on the company’s website ( as well as through MSRPs are as follows: Wireless Qi Pad, $49.99; Travel Cube, $59.99; and the Home Dock, $59.99. In addition, all three products include a 12-month limited warranty.

Zero was born out of the desire to create a cleaner, simpler, and sleek charger that better serves today’s busy lifestyles. Its mission is to deliver charging solutions with zero cables, zero worries, and zero limitations so that users never have to go without power. With the arrival of Qi technology, Zero became a reality. Zero offers a complete lineup for powering up at home and on the go. Between the Zero Qi Pad, Home Dock, and Travel Cube, users always have enough power. Zero provides sleek, portable, modern power solutions. For more information, visit

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