My Zero Charge

Will Travel

The travel cube is the portable power source for all your charging needs.

Tap into the power of your Qi.

Zero keeps the energy flowing for your busy lifestyle.

Portable Power

Wherever Your Journey Takes You.

Zero provides an entire ecosystem of Qi solutions, empowering you to charge your devices at home, work, or anywhere in between. 

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1. Wireless Qi Pad

Lose your old power cable and enjoy the benefits of wireless, universally compatible Qi charging. Zero Qi pads are the foundation for better charging at home and on-the-go. The Zero Qi Pad’s 3000 mAh capacity can charge most phones between 60-80% more than standard battery pack.

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2. Travel Cube

Secure your pads for travel and give them a battery life boost with the Zero Travel Cube.

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3. Home Dock

Let your Qi pads and mobile devices rest and recharge with this tabletop home charging station.

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Power Up Anytime or Anywhere.

Keeping you in charge, around the clock and around the globe.

Product Highlights

Charging Just Went Wireless

Zero Qi pads offer truly portable power without the inconvenience of charging cables. They’re shaped to fit unobtrusively onto the back of your phone, allowing you to keep talking or working even while you’re charging. 

A Travel-Friendly Design

The biggest advantage of a battery pack is the ability to charge on the go and Zero was created with the commuter’s convenience in mind. It fits easily in a bag or purse and you can use it alongside the Zero Travel Cube for a backup battery and easy storage at the same time.

Widespread Compatibility

No matter which company’s smart phone you prefer, if it offers Qi charging, then Zero can connect with it. Zero charging products are Qi certified, ensuring compatibility with the latest models from all the leading brands.

Never worry about draining your battery again!

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