Car charger
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Turns any wall socket into a USB charging port and stay powered all the time.

Extend your battery life with Zero's charger

Car charger gives you the power to turn any car socket into a convenient USB charging port. The Zero's car charger delivers the convenience of charging device in car with exceptional compact design for maximum portability. You can charge your phone or tablet device anytime even you are stuck in the traffic or going on a trip.


  • Charge 2 devices at once
  • Plugs into any car power outlet
  • 2.1A output per USB port

charging battery while driving

Running out of battery while driving in the rush hour is not a problem anymore. The Zero's car charger is compatible with any car power outlet. It has 2 USB ports and gives 2.1A output per USB port which you can charge 2 phones or 2 tablets at the same time with same speeds compared to wall charger.

Other neat things about the Zero car charger

Ultra Small
The Zero charger has a compact design. It makes your life easier. You can save your room in your luggage while traveling or it can fit in your pocket.
Energy Saving
With the extremely high power efficiency, you can reduce your energy cost and reduce your carbon footprint.
Multi Built-in Protections
The Car charger has a built-in protection mechanisms that provide advanced device protection so you never have to worry about unstable voltage anymore.
Product name:
1 x 1.08 x 3.23 in
0.92 oz
5V, 2.1A max
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